Top 6 Reasons To Buy A Samsung Smart Phone In 2022

If buying a new smartphone is thrilling, change to the unique mobile ecosystem? That might be frightening to some people.

Nearly average Americans say they intend to keep using the old brand when purchasing their next cellphone & Cell phone repair parts. It's no surprise that cell phone devices have become such an essential part of our work and social interactions that there's a reluctance to change, and a fear that switching over all those apps, subscriptions, and files will cause everything to fall apart.

Buying other company phones today isn't as difficult as it used to be. With free tools like the Samsung Smart Switch app, all the hard work is taken care of, and practically every leading business and personal app supports both major systems. Because of this hassle-free transition process, substituting an iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy device is just as seamless as upgrading from an earlier Galaxy to the new S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra 5G.

1. Multiple tasks

In terms of Galaxy, loyalists are concerned, multitasking ability ranks first on their shortlist of the reasons they prefer Galaxy products.

Users of Galaxy devices benefit from their large, crisp screens that give them a variety of options for navigating across multiple apps. Users of Galaxy devices benefit from wide, crisp screens that give them a multitude of options for navigating across various apps. Galaxy Note II was Samsung's first smartphone with a split-screen mode in 2012, and the phone's multitasking features have been enhanced with every subsequent generation.

In the newest Galaxy phones, running two apps on separate screens is as simple as pressing left to open the Edge Symbol and selecting the App Pair the option.. the newest Galaxy phones, accessing two apps on separate screens is as simple as swiping left to open the Edge menu and selecting the App Pair option. It is a combination of applications that you tandems in tandem, like Office and email, or Spotify and Samsung Health app. This is your multitasking shortcut.

You should have the ability to get to work the instant you power up your mobile device. Usually, that means having quick, easy access to Microsoft Office and Business Central (originally branded as G Suite) — apps that nearly all business professionals turn to early and often.

2. Apps for the Android platform

So far as apps are concerned, you'll have numerous options to browse from. In terms of a pure quantity of apps, Google's App Store outpaced Apple's App Store in 2013 and has been the world's biggest app store since then. Its variety and depth are almost incomprehensible.

Often, the point of contention here is that it's about the value, not the number of apps - and that couldn't be any more true. Even so, with more than 2.5 billion Android handsets in use worldwide and an 85 percent market share, relatively few quality app developers today are neglecting Android. The Samsung Galaxy phone allows you to download your preferred business and multimedia apps for free, except for a few proprietary apps.

3. Enhancing office productivity

The office has been integrated into Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphones thanks to a close collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung. This means that whenever you need to inspect a Word, Excel, or PPT document, you can simply tap right in and start editing, storing, and sharing.

Through the free Samsung Bridge to Windows app, you can control your Samsung Galaxy smartphone directly from a Windows PC. With this app, you can place calls, write and view messages, view photos, and run apps without having to pick up your phone.

4. Galaxy DeX

If you're searching for one major motivation to switch, Samsung DeX might be it. Just by attaching it to a monitor or HDTV and combining it with a computer mouse and keyboard, you can create a complete desktop experience on your Galaxy phone. Pairing your Galaxy phone to a monitor or smart TV and pairing a keyboard and mouse turns it into a desktop-like interface. It's possible to open several applications, size them, use keyboard arrows, and click right-mouse selectors just like on a computer. When you're constantly on the move, DeX frees you from carrying a laptop case and lets you operate completely from your phone.

Galaxy Note20 and the upcoming S21 series in 2020 will support DeX for any Miracast-compatible display, such as Samsung's newest Smart TVs and wireless monitors. Through DeX for PC, you can also access mobile and desktop programs on the same machine.

5. Power distribution and reliable batteries

Battery capacity for your mobile device must last the whole day - without you thinking about going out.

Fortunately, models like the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra alleviate those anxieties with Ultra Fast Charging, which delivers a full day of power in minutes when plugged into the wall. As a bonus, an advanced battery-saving mode lets you go several days before recharging by removing the apps and options you don't use very often.

Moreover, Wireless capabilities (available on certain devices) permit you to send a colleague — or even a customer — some added battery life for their phone when they need it. You can also give your Galaxy Buds a kick by mounting them on your phone.

6. Protection by biometrics

Your phone handset should be locked whenever it is not in use. People shouldn't be able to just pick up and get past the lock screen. Nothing can offer such a perfect balance between user efficiency and protection as biometric identification.

Advanced verification options for Samsung Galaxy devices have been introduced to the world first by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ introduced Ultrasonic biometric identification, which creates a 3D picture of your fingertip through an in-display sensor, delivering superior precision over traditional pressure sensors. Most Galaxy smartphones also offer face detection. This means you can unlock it with just a glance.

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