Discover the best next-generation Logitech keyboards

Logitech is making a perfect keyboard for Windows 10 as well as macOS 10.15 and 11, is engine Logitechered to help you collaborate and connect more seamlessly than ever before using Logitech's mice and keyboards. Logitech keyboard, no matter what the project or the app, you can work at your most efficiently and be more focused by adjusting every element of your technology according to your needs, workflows, and preferences. With the Logitech keyboard, no matter how you work or the app, you can work at your best and be more productive by customizing every aspect of your devices according to your needs, workflows, and tastes.

It integrates the best of the previous version of the software with a newly redesigned, intuitive user interface that helps increase performance in a next-generation, free-to-use, app. Streamline your work with convenient features optimized for your preferred apps, including Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Zoom, and Teams. By programming your device's controls and keys to automate common and repetitious tasks, you will save time and improve your workflow, enabling you to work effectively and adjust the sliding behavior and cursor speed to your liking.

Logitech created the specialized features for your Logitech device. Logitech strives to bring you enhancements, features, and new gadgets as we introduce them.Logitech will help you create and exchange information more effortlessly with your Logitech mice and keyboards - but it's just the introduction. It's a platform that sets us up for the future and allows us to develop and offer new capabilities and experiences that weren't possible before. We are passionate about looking at your input to ensure that our Logitech community gets the best customer service in the future.


New Wireless Keyboard

Welcome to the Logitech tangle-free All-in-One Keyboard, the newest component of our keyboard lineup for PCs. This wireless keyboard has everything you need to manage and manage your computer all in one convenient design.

The Logitech Wireless Multi-Functional Keyboard combines with a spacious touchpad, it takes up less surface on your desk. This one-two knockout lets you type and use your finger in tandem. This one-two punch lets you type and swipe simultaneously. With the keyboard, you can effortlessly transition to the touchpad for selecting, pinching, touching, or swiping. The conductive surface is substantially greater than a laptop touchpad, so your fingers have more room to navigate and perform up to 13 unique Windows 8 gestures comfortably and smoothly.

You oughtn’t to stress about feeling comfortable during a long period at the computer. Thanks to Logitech PerfectStrokeTM key technology with IncurveTM keys, writing is fluid, intuitive, and quiet - hour after hour.

Touchpad Improves Navigation

Today, we are very pleased to welcome the most recently added member of our PC keyboard assortment: the Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard. In a compact, space-saving design, this wireless keyboard has everything you need to communicate with and navigate your computer.

Logitech's all-in-one wireless keyboard takes up less space in your workspace because of its built-in generous touchpad. The keyboard and touchpad work together to enable effortless touch tapping and gestures. Start typing on the keyboard, then you can feel real magic in the switch to selecting, zooming, and swiping on the touchpad. You have a much larger surface area for your thumbs to navigate and conduct up to 13 unique Windows processes because the touch area is significantly larger than the touchpad on a laptop.

Put that uncertainty aside if you're uncertain about being comfortable while spending time at the computer all day. Thanks to Logitech's PerfectStrokeTM key system with IncurveTM keys, writing is effortless, fluid, and quiet - all day long.

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