Tips For Helping Your Customer Choose The Best Samsung Screen

While Samsung saw a marked decline in the middle of 2021, current data indicates a company's smartphone sales recovery. Given the growth over the past year, it is realistic to assume that over the following months, repair shops may start to receive more Samsung devices for service.

Apple is the only company to sell more cellphones than Samsung. According to February 2022, the Galaxy series continues to dominate the Android market, holding five of the top 10 positions. In light of this, carrying components for speedy repairs on Samsung devices will give you the best chance of closing a deal. For advice on picking the ideal tier of replacement parts for your market.

Samsung Repair for Exceptional Clients

 The highest caliber parts for Samsung are called OEM Service Packs. Your customers' phones will function exactly as they did before the damage if you provide them with this part tier. These components are available for various Samsung models, from displays and back covers to batteries and adhesives. These parts are the greatest choice for a customer that comes into your store looking to have the same experience they are used to.

Repairing Samsung products for customers on a tight budget

Our new Grade A and Grade B displays can be a better solution for your store if your target market is more cost-conscious. These nearly new and barely used displays assist clients on a limited budget in meeting their needs. Additionally, offering this part tier as an option will help you close a transaction that would otherwise have gone unsolved in your store if you're having trouble persuading a consumer to fix their phone. Although these displays are less expensive, we can promise that they have undergone rigorous testing and fulfill our standards. It's okay that various people have different needs. The Grade A and Grade B screens are an excellent solution for consumers who only need to get their phones back in working order.

 A Simple New Method to Test Samsung Screens Before Installation

Testing displays before installation is a good idea to ensure they work properly. The DL400 is useful in this situation. This tool can evaluate various display features, including touch, dead pixels, brightness, contrast, and more. This popular gadget has been a big help to technicians since it was introduced. Only Apple devices were compatible with the device until recently, but Samsung flexes have since been added to the range. These flexes can be purchased as a set or individually, and all that is necessary to function effectively on the DL400 is a short update. Any Samsung flex page on our website will link to that update. When using the DL400, repairs will go faster, and you'll feel more at ease when selecting a lcd phone parts for repair.


After emerging from a low and becoming a key player in the mobile phone market, Samsung has only solidified its position as a pioneer. If you need help with any of your Samsung repairs, MPD Mobile Parts is here to help. You can reach out to them at