How to find original phone parts?

This is the first and most common question that small workshops and large service centers that offer repair services for mobile phone component suppliers in the USA frequently encounter. Come on, let's solve it together.

The uniqueness and quality of the offered products may not be related to the country of origin. An excellent example would be Apple, whose computer components and gadget assembly manufacturing is based in USA. The caliber of the goods is unaffected by this, though. 

What stores sell phone parts?

Any supplier may have both original wholesale cell phone parts (supplied straight from the production facility's assembly line "signed" for the production of this product for a specific brand) and analogs (spare parts are produced by the developer using original documentation and in accordance with all applicable norms and specifications for this kind of product, but at a third production facility that does not provide its goods to an authorized assembler).

Another aspect of using analog mobile Parts is the ongoing discontinuation of manufacturing a wide range of goods due to manufacturers updating existing product lines and introducing new mobile Parts. The only sensible course of action in this situation is to buy the necessary analog spare part made in the third production at a fair price and promptly, rather than having the same spare part made by a factory that previously serviced the assembly, which would take too long and would cost too much money—often more than the device itself. In any case, all such details are required to tell you and be sure to provide advice on potential opportunities for cooperation.

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