Motorola Edge 2021: Best 5G Mobile Phone In Competitive Android Smartphone Market

We're going to discuss the most popular Edge 20 flagship phone today. Last but not least, this is the most affordable phone. Here in the United States, the mortal edge 20 light is available for just 499.99 dollars. In comparison, this model costs half as much. Even though the Moto Edge 20 light is less expensive, it has some decent specifications. Moreover, it is the one with the largest battery of the trio, making it one of the top budget smartphones of 2021.

Motorola Edge 20

This Edge 20 model offers an outstanding processor and GPU thanks to its Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset. In the future, it will be able to play HRR games smoothly with 5G connectivity. It's the Edge 20 Pro with the Snapdragon 870 SoC, but doesn't that sound like a lot for a 1080p display?

Whichever the case may be, the Edge 20's back camera is very impressive. An ultrawide camera with autofocus and a 108MP primary camera using Samsung's ISOCELL HM3 sensor are included in this handset. In addition, there's a 16MP wide-angle camera and an 8MP camera with 3x optical zoom. It also has a 32MP front-facing camera for taking selfies. In contrast, the Pro model offers a five-fold zoom instead of a three-fold zoom, and the Lite version lacks a telephoto lens.

Motorola Edge 20 comes with 30W quick charging, clean Android 11.1, and some cool Moto tricks. Stereo speakers and a larger battery are the only things missing from this device. It only has two possible flaws from its specifications. Other mid-range smartphones come with dual speakers and a 4500mAh battery or more, especially larger models like the Edge 20.

Batteries last for a long time. They will last a whole day without any problem. It has an excellent call duration of 28 hours as well as an excellent video duration of 18 hours. Moto fans are pleased with this phone and phone parts. They have not had any problems. They find that everything works well. The display is fabulous, and 144 Hz is very fast! 

A great deal of attention was paid to the quality of its touch. Google Play users can download Pixellab by clicking here. When it comes to overall performance, Pixellab does not disappoint. 

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