How to Replace Screens on Motorola Phones

Motorola phones are remarkable for their durability and reliability. However, they're not as easy to repair as an iPhone because they have a lot of screws. While replacing your Motorola Phones screen at home can be tricky, it's doable if you follow these steps.

Find a screen replacement kit.

You can find a screen replacement kit online or in MPD Mobile Parts & Devices - Motorola Authorized Distributor store. The tools you need to replace your moto g stylus screen replacement are not the same as the tools you need to open up your phone. You will need both a new screen and new tools.

Put out  the battery and SIM cards on the new screen.

The next step is to put the battery and SIM cards back in the phone. Take out the old screen, battery, and SIM card tray from your Motorola phone. Put the new screen into your Motorola phone, then insert the battery and SIM card tray back into place.

Connect the phone to a computer using a USB cable.

To connect your phone to the computer, you will need a USB cable. You can buy phone part one at a computer store or borrow one from a friend or family member if you don't already have one.

Turn off your Motorola phone.

Turn off your Motorola phone. Please remove the battery from the back of your phone, then leave it turned off for at least a few minutes to give it time to discharge any remaining power that's in there. Reinsert the battery and turn on your handset again.

Release the screw that holds the back of the phone onto the front panel

To release the back of the phone from its front panel, use a small screwdriver to remove the screws on each side. Make sure you have a firm grip on your screwdriver, as this will help prevent over-tightening or damaging your Motorola phone.

Lift the back of the phone and unscrew any screws holding down components such as the motherboard, buttons, or speaker. Take off all components from your phone, including any stickers that are attached to it. (If you don't know how to do this, consult an expert at your local phone repair shop.) Put a piece of tape over each corner of your screen so that when you pull it off, it won't leave any dust or particles on your new moto g power screen replacement.

Unscrew any plates holding down components on top of the LCD screen.

Once you've removed the screws that hold down the motherboard, remove any other components on top of the LCD screen. For example, you may need to unscrew a plate that holds down buttons or a speaker. Also, remove any screws holding down the battery and SIM card.

Lift the motherboard under its ribbon cables to disconnect them from the LCD screen.

Finally, it would help if you disconnected the replacement screen for moto g stylus 2021 from its motherboard. To do that, use a spudger to lift the motherboard and unplug all of the ribbon cables that connect it to the rest of the phone's components. Once you've done that, you're free to replace or repair whatever part of your phone isn't working as intended. But before you close up your Motorola device for good, ensure everything is plugged back in correctly; otherwise, this important step will be wasted!

Remove all of these parts from the phone's front panel.

Once you're ready to begin, it's best to look at the phone's front panel and see what parts need to be removed. For example, if you have a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD (XT926), these are the parts that need to be removed: Remove all screws from the back of your phone (there should be 13 or 14). Remove all metal plates from the back of your phone (there should be about 8). Remove the back of your Motorola phone. Remove any adhesive tape that holds down your Motorola device's motherboard or another part.

Pull out the old phone's LCD screen and replace it with a new one.

It’s time to replace your old screen with a new one finally. To do this, you will first need to disassemble your phone for parts. Remove any screws holding the front panel in place, and gently pull the front panel away from the rest of your phone. You should be able to see where the ribbon cable connects with its connector on your old LCD screen; disconnect it by pulling on each end gently until they pop free from one another (it may take some force). Next, remove any more screws as necessary and gently pry apart all sides of the device, such as side panels or top/bottom pieces, until you can access each component inside (you may have extra screws here too).

Once you've removed all these components wholly separated from their respective housings and put them somewhere safe for reassembly later, grab yourself an adhesive remover like Goo Gone or rubbing alcohol from a drugstore so that when we come back later, we'll have a clean slate before putting everything back together again!

Place back all of your components and screw them down with your new LCD screen installed in your phone's front panel.

Assemble all of your components back onto the front panel of your parts in a phone. Reattach the ribbon cables to their respective connectors on the motherboard. Ensure you don't get any cable folds or twists during this process, as this can cause poor contact and intermittent problems with your device's display. Reattach all buttons, bumpers, and switches including volume rocker switch(s), power button, and home button(s). Connect your phone's battery back if it wasn't connected before you started this procedure!

You can replace your Motorola Phones screens at home!

You need to buy a replacement screen kit, which is available on It would help if you also had a screwdriver and basic computer skills to navigate the Internet and download drivers for your specific phone model. 

Once you've got all the parts and know what to do with them, it's time to start! The first thing is replacing all of those tiny screws holding together your Motorola Phones screen; don't forget about those hidden ones inside crevices or behind buttons (we'll include photos below). Next comes removing the old glass panel from its frame; this may require some force depending on how easily it breaks apart when tapped with a fingertip but be careful not to damage other components around it (like cables). Then finally, we're ready for installation: peel off the protective film from both sides of the new glass panel before placing it onto the frame, then secure it with screws again, making sure none are sticking out too far outwards into places they shouldn't go because they could puncture something important nearby like battery pack if placed incorrectly during assembly process - check twice over before closing case back up again!


In conclusion, replacing your Motorola phone’s screen is relatively simple. The hardest part is finding a suitable replacement kit and removing all the components from your phone's back panel. Once you have these parts in hand, replacing them on your Motorola device at home will only take about 10-15 minutes.

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