Can a damaged iPhone LCD screen be repaired?

A damaged iPhone LCD screen can be frustrating. If your phone has cracked or shattered glass, you may wonder if it can be repaired and how much it will cost. The good news is that most of the time, a broken LCD screen can be repaired. 

Can a damaged iPhone LCD screen be repaired?

The short answer to this question is yes. The iPhone LCD screen can be repaired only by a professional repair phone parts technician. Our shop provides all mobile spare parts to give your mobile a new life or better looking. The cost will vary depending on the problem with your screen and how much damage has been done.

A damaged LCD screen can usually be repaired.

How to repair an iPhone LCD screen: first, remove the back cover of your iPhone with a plastic opening tool. Then, lift the battery and disconnect the touch cable from its connector. Now you'll see two screws on the top edge of your phone's front panel—remove them with a screwdriver. Next, gently pry apart your iPhone's front panel using a spudger tool. If this doesn't work, use another small flathead screwdriver instead; it'll eventually give way if you're persistent enough! Once that's done, lay down some tape over any exposed phone part of your motherboard before disconnecting any other cables from it by first sliding off their connectors with a bent paper clip or similar object that allows easy access without damaging anything else inside there might otherwise fall out when removing these pieces from their sockets.But a professional can do this things more carefully so we are recommending to go to the professionals. 

Why is an LCD screen important?

The LCD screen is the display of your iPhone. It's what you see when you use your phone, and it's a window that shows all of the apps and other information on your phone for cell phone repair parts. The LCD screen is also the main way to interact with your iPhone—that's how you tap and swipe stuff on it! The LCD screen has several important functions: Displays images and videos from websites. Shows photos taken with an iPhone camera. Displays text from emails, messages, documents, etc.

How does the iPhone LCD screen work?

The iPhone LCD screen is a display technology that allows you to see the images and text on your iPhone. It’s made up of millions of tiny pixels, like light bulbs that turn on or off to make the images you see. On a damaged iPhone LCD screen, these pixels can get stuck in the “on” position, causing lines and discoloration to appear on your smartphone's display.

What are the symptoms of a damaged iPhone LCD screen?

If your iPhone's LCD screen appears damaged, there are several ways to tell. If your iPhone is not responding to touch and is completely black, it could be that the LCD panel has been damaged. The picture will also appear blank if the backlight bulb inside the screen has gone out. Cracked screens are another common sign of damage; if you notice cracks on your iPhone’s glass, you should repair cell phone parts as soon as possible because they can spread quickly and make it harder to see what's happening on-screen.

Can an iPhone LCD screen be repaired?

It's possible, but it depends on your iPhone's model. Older models may be repairable but they're too old to get parts for them anymore. But our shop MPD Mobile Parts & Devices supplies spare parts to visit our shop for more information. Newer models may be repairable, but you'll need to find a repair shop that can fix your phone. If you can't find one, then there are DIY methods that can get the job done as well.

Some older iPhone models have a broken LCD screen that is too costly to repair.

Some older iPhone models have a broken LCD screen that is too costly to repair the phone for parts. For example, the iPhone 6 was released in 2014 and discontinued in 2016. It can be very costly to fix if you have an older model like this with a broken or cracked LCD screen.

What To Do When an iPhone LCD Screen is Damaged

When your iPhone LCD screen is damaged, consider whether or not this is a repair worth paying for. To make that decision, there are a few things you need to take into account: How old is your phone? Getting the LCD replaced might be worth it if it's fairly new and in good condition. However, if the phone has been dropped multiple times or has other problems like water damage or cracked glass elsewhere on the device, then repairing the LCD could cost more than what it's worth.

Try replacing the LCD screen yourself.

You can repair your iPhone LCD screen from wholesale cell phone parts suppliers and if you're comfortable using a screwdriver and other tools to disassemble the device. You'll need the following items: a heat gun, suction cup, Pentalobe screwdriver, screwdriver, spudger or plastic opening tool, and adhesive strips or tape.

First, remove all the screws from your phone using screwdrivers. Be sure not to damage any components when removing them! Next, use a suction cup to remove any remaining pieces left after removing the front panel glass protector film. Then use a heat gun to loosen up some adhesive on both sides of the screen assembly while simultaneously prying it off gently with your hands or another tool until it comes free from its connector cable(s). To separate this piece from its frame requires heating two areas simultaneously: one in each corner where these two parts meet at right angles—this allows them both to come apart simultaneously once warm enough. This is a crucial thing to work by yourself. We recommend going to professionals. They will give your iphone a new look with intensive care.


A damaged iPhone LCD screen is usually a costly repair. However, there are many ways to save money on this repair. First, replace the iPhone's broken LCD screen yourself. If that doesn't work or you don't want to try fixing it yourself, you can bring it into an Apple store for a free diagnostic test and estimate how much it would cost to fix your phone. Finally, if all else fails and your phone still needs repairs after all these steps have been taken, ask for advice from friends or family members who may know someone who does repairs on phones like yours.

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